LOL. I didn't just decided that I would be back in Blogger after months of disappearance.

well peeps,
much like many other people that I know,
i'm currently using Tumblr now.
so here it is!


it's much easier for me do to my updates there, really.
so see ya!

- jocelyn -

back to reality.

- jocelyn -

runaway and hide.

never before have i felt so emotionless,
until now.

whispering lies, knowing truth, and it hurts again.

- jocelyn -

baby, it's Christmas!

♫♪ this is my only lifelong wish,
this my grown up Christmas list.. ♫♪

- jocelyn -

back to the beginning.

let the rain fall down and wake my dreams,
let it wash away my sanity.

- jocelyn -

gimme a break.

hey all,
my head is as heavy as ever.
tons to worry about.
tons to be sorted out.
i'm tired.

exams are approaching soon,
and population genetics is killing me slowly.
i was told never to give up.
but at this point, with everything coming at me at the same time,
its hard for me to even hold on to anything.

i need a rest, i look too much like a zombie these days.

- jocelyn -

and that's the way it is.

music speaks.

- jocelyn -

so help me.

yet again, its like i have no idea what i'm thinking of anymore.
maybe its just a spur of the moment due to exam stress.
please let it be just that.

- jocelyn -

would you say yes?

PS: that is exactly what i wish to do now.

- jocelyn -

i'd rather be sleeping.

i think i have the words:

pinned on my forehead right now.

you see,
whenever i get back to campus from long breaks, i tend to get insomnia for the night or two.
then i'll end up looking like some zombie the next day.

and to make up for it,
i'll be going to bed now.
afternoon naps gives you energy!

i'm sorry for the lame post. i usually get all crazy and high when i'm sleepy.

- jocelyn -